The biggest benefit of deleting your social media accounts is having more time for adventures. This includes the planning and doing and the editing (this image is a still from the video I shot).

It reminds me of when Merlin Mann got out of the productivity game, with stepping away from 43 Folders.

I’m pretty sure, if I remember correctly, he said something at the time like, “yeah, we’re being so productive, but what we making?”

Getting off of social media is great, but then what?

“When should it be posted? If the event is tomorrow, the answer is not tonight. Most people won’t see it until two days from now – it’s too late. Like when restaurants post their daily specials at 6 pm – great, hope your dinner service was wonderful. I saw it at noon the next day, and it means nothing to me now, I wish I had known about it sooner so I could plan.”

Chelsea Bradley from ‘Your Content is Killing Your Brand


This is a response to a comment left by Craig Lewis on what of my Substack Notes:

how do you practically make that move to talking to those closer to you/simply putting out quality content if no-one is seeing/interacting with it?

If you never post on socials etc, no-one ever sees what you do. If you have an audience already, it’s cool to get stuff out to them and they will hopefully do you a good turn and shout about it for you.

But if you’re still building an audience… back to shouting into the void?

Craig Lewis

You’ll need to get 100 new followers on social media to reach 10 of them.

Or you can just get 10 people to subscribe to your email list.

New post for Social Media Escape Club coming on Monday or so.


The directories on Yahoo used to be edited by people, and as you can see from the image above (which I snagged from the Wayback Machine), it went deep.

The Yahoo Directory closed in 2014.

I’m inclined to write “imagine if we had something like this now?” But, anyone could build something like this for their local scene, for their state, their region.

And no one needs to make the BIG ONE, the supreme list of whatever. Everyone could have their lists of favorite bands, or art supply stores, or camera shops, whatever.

There are giant directories that exist like this today, I know. But they’re all flooded with SEO nonsense, scraped, void of humanity.

I think, if anything, we need to get back to human-curated directories and inspire everyone to make their own… de-centralized, as it were. This way there’s not one thing to rule them all, everyone just finds their favorites.