This bit from Ryan Broderick’s ‘Garbage Day‘ newsletter melted my brain.

“According to Know Your Meme, about 60% of the memes we’ve seen in 2022 were created by Twitter or TikTok. And the three biggest apps behind those two —YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram — all trail far behind, contributing around 10% each. And if these current trends continue, it’s likely that by next year TikTok will outpace Twitter. In fact, we’ve entered a new interesting moment where it’s usually unclear whether people on Twitter are talking about something because it’s on TikTok or if people on TikTok are talking about something because it’s on Twitter. Soon it won’t be. Very shortly, every every platform on the internet will be completely downstream of TikTok.”

Ryan Broderick

Like, what?

Sometimes I see some Twitter drama, and follow it for a day. Then, when I tell someone who’s not on Twitter about the drama, they look at me like I have three heads.

This is that. That is this.

I want off, I want out. I am 46 now and while I’m not going back to a 56K modem or purchasing a flip phone, this idea that we all need to be plugged into the social media slot machine, constantly pulling the lever to ingest more more more into our eyeballs is just about over for me.

Half the shit anyways is in response to things on the internet anyways – news reports, new videos, and – of course – the trendy new happing on TikTok.

So whatever.

I’ve been writing here at since about 2018. On and off, stop and start, sometimes not a lot of writing, and sometimes a bit more. But this place is mine, and mine alone.

Anyone from the world wide web can discover this site, read what I’ve been writing about going back to 2018, and go on about their merry way.

Try reading someone’s Tweets going back to 2018. Good luck.

For the last two months I’ve been getting my ass out of bed and to the gym instead of scrolling social media. I deleted Twitter from my phone (again). And two months later I feel better.

Social media is a habit that’s meant to be broken.