I still really don’t know what I’m doing. Today, I put my camera in manual mode, adjusted the aperture and shutter speed (I guess), and let it rip for five minutes at a time. Holding my breath, making sure not to take a step, not fidgeting with my lens cap (I put it in my pocket after the first three shots).

Even then, getting home and managing the files and learning Davini Resolve on the fly. Like, what is color grading? I don’t know, but I know the raw camera footage was very “white light,” so I made some adjustments to make that sun more yellow as it looked real life.

Watch the full 5+ minute scene here.


It’s half-marathon week. This weekend I’ve got a hotel booked, meeting a pal, bringing my camera equipment – it’s gonna be great.

I ran 90 miles in May, which is way more than I’ve ran in a long time. I ran 8.5 miles early Sunday morning and got this photo at a place called Pinnacle along the Appalachian trail (here’s a map).

Earlier this year, around the first few warm days of Spring, this spot was filled up like a Starbucks. People everywhere. Today? Not a soul. It was gorgeous.


Photo by Seth Werkheiser

Maybe it’s because I just turned 48. Or I ran nearly four hours in the last two days. Or maybe I’m just fed up with everything. But man, I’m wiped out.

It’s never good to write when tired, like you should never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry. But eh, go buy the cookies and chips and ice cream. Life is short, have a snack.

I’m going to hit 80 miles running this month, which I haven’t done in a LONG TIME. I have a half-marathon coming up in two weeks. That’ll be fun.

Evenings not spent running are spent walking around town with my camera. I am so stoked to put together two of my favorite things – walking and taking pictures. It’s made even better with this new camera (a Nikon ZFC). It’s digital, but has full manual control dials, which means taking a photo means stopping, making adjustments, and being mindful of light, and movement, and angles. I love it so much.

Taking photos is like running for me – I might be slow, but that just means more time outside.


Love this little creek scene I found while hiking in Palmerton, PA a few weeks back. Oops, you can see the windscreen “hairs” at the top of the video – lesson learned!


For some reason I’ve left my phone on the roof of my car lately. One time I drove 15 miles on the highway and when I got out of my car, my phone was there on the roof.

The other night, though, I realized I didn’t have my phone, a few miles from the location above in the video. I drove back, and thankfully a kind gentleman had found it intact, in complete working order. It did call 911, however, to report an accident. He was able to talk to the 911 operator, and assured them there was no car wreck at this location. Technology, huh?

Making the video above was a fun one. I didn’t know that the sun would peek out like that, but thankfully it did.