Found this via a music blog – rcmndedlisten! In 2023!

I was listening casually, then came across this part:

Guitarist and vocalist Kate Meizner, drummer Mike Falcone, guitarist Michael Julius, and bassist Miles Toth aren’t just indie rock sports entertainers who can channel Helmet, Hum, and ‘99 era Macho Man in one fell swoop.

Then I was like, oh shit! It all clicked, and fuck, I love this song.


Just about two months out from the Pride 5K, founded by total bad ass Nikki Hiltz.

Posting this here because not everyone is on Instagram, and so maybe they wouldn’t see this otherwise.

Register here, knowing that you’re helping support the mission of  Point of Pride.

Point of Pride is a nonprofit organization that provides financial aid and direct support to trans folks in need of health and wellness care. Their mission is to provide access to gender-affirming resources such as chest binders, breast forms, and other essential items to those who may not have the means to acquire them. Besides simply donating money to Point of Pride, our goal is to make sure that every transgender person knows that there is an entire community of runners who love and support them and believe they belong everywhere they decide to be.

And if you don’t think you can run 3.1 miles, I bet you can walk it, and that counts, especially when the money is going to such a good cause.


Neat interview with guitarist Steve Vai, on how he skipped making 0.25 cents per record to recoup and instead went and made $4 per record by going direct to the distributors.

And now, in 2023, artists are out here promoting the fuck out of DSPs so they can get 0.003 cents per stream on platforms that limit their ability to engage with 70% of their fans.

What the fuck are we doing?