Lehigh Vally Zoo RUN WILD 5K

My roommate and I got here early, but so did a bunch of other people. Turns out about 1000 people signed up for this one! It was hot and humid, but in all this race was a lot of fun.

The race started a few minutes late for some reason, which is annoying, but when we finally got going it was moving! There was a small uphill switch back to start, then a big downhill, where I made sure to not speed up too much because we were just getting started.

From about the 0.6 mile mark the course went flat, save for a few small rolling hills. I felt good, and wanted to go faster, but I knew the heat would zap me. Managed a 9:25 first mile.

Second mile included the turn around and water stop. Found myself settling in and passing some people. It was hard-packed dirt at this point, and I passed a few people, but the heat was draining me, and I ran a 9:41 second mile.

The third mile turned back to pavement, and crossed traffic with the 10K crowd, and launched into a short by brutal 10%-ish grade hill before it kind of leveled off again. Kept running the whole time, but it was another slow mile (9:40) for me.

We ran past giraffes and kangaroos and then a right sweeping turn up hill was the finish. Again, it was so hot and humid I was soaked with sweat. Official time was 29:23 (results link, Strava), good for 57th place out of 524.