We’d all leave social media if there was just somewhere else to go, right?

Somewhere else, though, is “a service run by tech-bros that wish to create value for shareholders.” Like, we just want reverse chronological order, photos, and the ability to message or leave replies.

You know that’s a blog, right?

Come on – you’re smart. You can set up a smart phone, navigate your state’s DMV website to renew your car registration, figure out Calendly, pay for tickets and use your phone as entry into a show – you’re fucking smart, you can set up a blog.


Had a nice chill 15 mile bike ride on Saturday. This trail is a rail to trail, so uphill for the first half, than downhill for the second half, but it’s easy and chill. I wanted something I could ride without much thought, and just enjoy scenery.

Then on Sunday I had my first run in three weeks, probably the longest time I’ve taken off since I started running in 2016. I tweaked my foot a few weeks back when running a little too fast downhill, and paid for it by needed to take some time off.

I ran a full mile, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Felt good, felt like I could have ran more of it, but figured I’d take it easy, and will continue to do so for this week and next, probably.

Thought of how neither of these efforts was hard. Neither worked up much of a sweat, but neither were a waste of time. They probably didn’t help me achieve peak physical prowess, but it’s all foundational, one brick at a time.


It’s been a minute, but I finally got out another mix.

Made this image for the Goodnight, Metal Friend Substack newsletter. Somehow I fell in love with the overheard electrical wires thing.

I guess I’m still trying to figure out the “design language” and branding for Goodnight, Metal Friend, too. It’s a fun experiment in something that’s not super personal and ME, with my face all over it. Instead, just trying to convey a vibe, I guess.

To listen to more, you can find all the mixes on Mixcloud, or read all the Goodnight, Metal Friend posts here on my blog.


Via @chronically_cheerful on Instagram

I’ve lately been leaning towards the higher-value work lately, and believing the lower value work will get done eventually. It’s hard, because I want everything done all the time, in a perfect schedule. I used to plan to have certain tasks done on certain days, but I’ve scrapped all that, and just started working on things as my energy allowed.

And while I love being wrapped up and done by 3 or 4pm, sometimes I need that workout in the morning, or that bike ride after lunch, which then pushes “closing time” back, and that’s okay.


This from Music Business Worldwide:

It was inevitable, but it’s no less eye-popping: approximately 100,000 fresh tracks are now being uploaded to music streaming platforms every day.

That’s according to two of the most influential figures in the modern music business: Universal Music Group CEO and Chairman, Sir Lucian Grainge, plus the outgoing CEO of Warner Music Group, Steve Cooper.

Addressing the Music Matters conference in Singapore on September 27, Grainge said that 100,000 tracks were now being “added to music platforms every day”.

In my line of work I have clients who sometimes release 5+ albums on a Friday, and that to me blows my mind. Five albums isn’t even a tiny blip when you consider 100,000 tracks being uploaded in a single day. Every day.


I haven’t been to a show since 2019, but my friend Meem suggested we go see Turnstile in October, so we did just that.

Not even 30 seconds into their first song I was pushed from behind so hard that my glasses flew off my head. I was on the ground (it was pavement), scuffed my knee, looked for my glasses for a quick second, and then got the fuck out of there. My friend was punched in the face. Another woman near us ended up on the ground, too.

I mean, in our combined 50 or so years of show-going experience we thought things would be chill, but that wasn’t the case.

I couldn’t drive us home, as I’m blind as a bat without my glasses. My buddy had to drive me to center city Philadelphia to get me new glasses so I could drive back home that day. It was about $380 and I got my new glasses in a few hours. The photo above is from the nearby mall while waiting for the glasses.

Oh, and my friend got a parking ticket while we my glasses.

When it rains it pours, but at least we have another story to last us another 25 years.