This was created with human intelligence (if it wasn’t painfully obvious).

Thanks to Beth Spencer and her ‘Human Intelligence Badge‘ post, for the kick in the pants to get off my laptop for a minute and just do something with a pencil and some paper.

I’ve used chatGPT in the past to help generate ideas, which I wrote about last March, about using it like a one person writing room.

However, Sam Altman’s handling of the Scarlett Johansson situation was crap. The ultimate display of the “I can do whatever I want” techbro attitude that disgusts me. And if he can behave that way with one of the biggest movie stars, how does he treat everyone else?

Then recently former head of the NSA Paul M. Nakasone will “join the company’s Sam Altman-led safety team.”

Crumple all of this garbage together with Apple’s recent announcement of their partnership with OpenAI:

“Apple is integrating ChatGPT access into experiences within iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, allowing users to access its expertise — as well as its image- and document-understanding capabilities — without needing to jump between tools.”

Like, guys… I’m just done with all this shit.

I want to write a blog post, send an email, publish a newsletter once a week, do some work until it’s done, and then hit the trails.

I don’t need more things pulling me to my phone.

I mean, I get it… Apple has to appease shareholders and sell more iPhones. I’m not saying making emojis with cucumbers for eyes isn’t fun.

But it’s not my fun anymore, that’s all.

Fun for me is less computing. Less apps. Fewer low-quality voice interactions with my phone and more real conversations with friends.

So yeah, all this was written with human intelligence, intended for a human audience.