This is the view from the West Side of Manhattan, looking over to New Jersey. In just a week or so I will be biking there, via the George Washingston Bridge (I’m not going to cheat by taking the PATH train). After a month with a friend I will be riding the width of NJ into Pennsylvania. I’m giving myself two days to do this. I really want to give myself time to take photos and actually take in the scenery as I travel.


On August 1, 2010 I will be leaving NYC. I moved here in October of 2004 from Stroudsburg, PA because my (now) ex-wife got accepted to Grad school. I had no grand hopes of ever moving to the “big city” but here we are. Almost six years later a lot has happened. I’m no longer married, I’m a few pounds lighter, I’ve worked a number of cool jobs and had some amazing NYC moments. I’m pretty sure the coming months will be just as amazing.

I’ve been reading a lot about this “minimalist thing” on the interwebs. Everett Bogue, who writes Far Beyond the Stars, has been a big inspiration. Whereas my reading habits in the past may have steered me towards Apple gossip, music news and productivity tips, I’m now deep into a world of “less is more.” I own clothes, a tooth brush, this laptop, an iPhone, a bike and a nice messenger bag. I’m not going to count everything I own, but it’s not much. I love it. Years ago I craved gadgets. I owned several pairs of shoes to cover several different activities. I had clothes I never worn but couldn’t bring myself to throw out. I owned musical instruments that I hadn’t touched in years. No more.

August inches closer and I’ll be preparing to ride to NJ on my bike to stay with my friend Amy. From there I will work as editor of a metal blog for AOL Music for eight hours a day, then with the remainder hours of daylight I shall explore, eat, laugh and explore some more. One month later, I will head west.


From Flickr:

Walked over the Williamsburg bridge this afternoon, after my appointment at the Apple store (don’t worry, everything is fine). It had rained earlier in the day, which leaves all the brick buildings cleaned and bright looking.

That tall building off in the distance is the Chase (?) Citibank bank office building in Queens, the lone “skyscraper” in that borough.