Providence, RI

Just two more days. Today I head to Boston, MA. Tomorrow is Portland, ME. This trip has been cruel to my bank account and credit card balance, but I will never regret this adventure (almost 11 months so far).

Once back to homebase (Stroudsburg, PA), I’ll be hard at work putting together an ebook of the adventure. I’m also planning on printing two zines: one of my tour diary. The other of photos of the people I met, along with text about each one of them.

I’ll also be “training” for my next adventure. New York City > Stroudsburg, PA > Philadelphia > New York City; in three days. It’s about 300 miles, but I want to do it. I need to sweat and feel some pain in riding. Enough buses and trains. I want to taste exhaust fumes on busy roads, pee in the woods and quite simply kick ass riding to those places. I want to do it as fast as I can, and do it on my Brompton.