I finally got around to setting up a website for my Goodnight, Metal Friend mix series, something I’ve been working on since 2020, when the pandemic started. I can’t believe I’ve been doing these for that long!

The site is still rough around the edges, and I needed to fill in some areas of course, but I’m happy with it. The mixes will still be uploaded to Mixcloud, but this gives a “home base” for this series, and lets me add more context, photos, and stories.


Tried to hit 30 total mixes by the end of the year, but just missed it. I love doing these, and will continue doing them into the new year. This weird thing I started doing as a little hobby during the start of the pandemic is the one thing that’s truly stayed with me from that time!

When I started using the Headspace app to fall asleep, I loved the Warm Engines clip. And, well, I love metal, but falling asleep to metal is very hard. Even some of the more doom – drone stuff includes DRUMS and shrieks and stuff, so that doesn’t work well for sleeping.

I didn’t really know it was a genre, but “dark ambient” was what I was looking for, and even then there are many variants of this sub-genre. Some is still pretty grating, with loud parts and and shrieks and other sudden bursts of sound.

So rather than build a playlist on on a streaming music service, I start sourcing (and purchasing) music from Bandcamp, and figured out how to “mix” songs together like a DJ, and I absolutely love it.

My online pal DJ Shotski start DJing polka music around the start of the pandemic, and now she DJs at festivals and events. Maybe I can DJ some planetarium or spooky art galleries some time! DREAM BIG.

To listen to more, you can find all my mixes on Mixcloud, or read all the Goodnight, Metal Friend posts here on my blog.


With everything going on with social media lately, it’s been a good time to step back and be mindful of how I spend my time online. I’ve been opening up Twitter on my phone or computer since 2006, so it’s a habit I need to break. In the past week I’ve been digging through more dark ambient and drone music on Bandcamp, and that’s how I got this new mix out.

For the full track listing, head over to the Mixcloud page.

I sort of can’t believe I’ve been making these for two years now, the first one uploaded on May 4th, 2020.


It’s been a minute, but I finally got out another mix.

Made this image for the Goodnight, Metal Friend Substack newsletter. Somehow I fell in love with the overheard electrical wires thing.

I guess I’m still trying to figure out the “design language” and branding for Goodnight, Metal Friend, too. It’s a fun experiment in something that’s not super personal and ME, with my face all over it. Instead, just trying to convey a vibe, I guess.

To listen to more, you can find all the mixes on Mixcloud, or read all the Goodnight, Metal Friend posts here on my blog.


Unfortunately the only way to put a video of mine on this site is to upload it to YouTube, which seems silly, since this audio file actually expires in less than 24 hours, but just posting about it on social media ain’t the answer!

So if you read this blog – I make up these tones and sounds in real time, and stream them on Blast Radio, live to the world. To listen to you need to download the Blast Radio app, but I promise it’s pretty nice. Get it here.

On tonight’s broadcast I had four listeners, which is more than I had a week ago when I started doing this. So I’m just putting this here as a small piece of history. Not really aiming for the stars with this, after all, but I enjoy making these, so if you like them, tune in. Listen here while it’s still live.

Yes, I have downloaded archived copies of each stream, and will be putting them on Bandcamp in a bit. Stay tuned.

I’m going to do a live stream this Friday, January 14th at 9pm ET on both Blast Radio (audio only) and Mix Cloud which will have a video element – bookmark this page here.

My latest mix (#20) was live streamed last Friday. Click below to listen..

I’ve watched a lot of people get into the live streaming thing, mostly on Twitch, or Instagram Live, neither of which I enjoy. Right now Blast Radio and Mixcloud do the job, but my ultimate set up would be something I control, on my own domain name, on my own website.

But that’s a project for another evening.


Three mixes in one month is a first for me. Think I’m finding my rhythm with these. From sourcing, arranging, mixing, and promoting a bit.

These aren’t exactly burning up any charts, but in all they’ve been played over 120 times on Mixcloud, which is pretty rad.

I told myself I’d purchase a DJ controller when I hit my 20th mix. I really do enjoy making these, and perhaps the proper get could make it even more fun.

Also, I got a message today from Yorkshire Modular Society, thanking me for using ‘0132’ in Mix #16. Give it a listen.


In a world of high energy everything – Twitch streams, podcasts, DJ sets – I seek low energy vibes. Give me chill. Give me late night coffee. Give me walks at night.

Making these dark ambient sleepy time mixes are very calming and soothing for me.

Tracks used:


Sunday evening HUNTERTHEN live mixing. Listen live on Blast then it’ll be available for 24 hours. After that it’s gone.

On Blast Radio, artists get their own radio station to broadcast what they want, when they want. From talking to tracking, album debuts to venue performances, daily request radio to live production sessions, rehearsals to reviews. Listen to the artists you love share what they love.


I started making these as mixes, and called them Goodnight, Metal Friend.

I would search for hours on Bandcamp, sourcing the sound and vibe I wanted. Now I’m finally figuring out how to make my own as HUNTERTHEN.

Dark ambient? Drone? Atmospheric gloom? I don’t know.

Something mechanical. Robotic.

It’s like you’re in sleeping bunk on a futuristic space train. I dig it. And been nerding out to it since the pandemic started. Weird hobby, I know.

Going to try to stream live to Blast in the evenings, when the days are winding down. Install the app, maybe, and find me on there as hunterthen. The app will notify you when I’m live.

I tried doing the same on Twitch, but holy shit, Twitch is a beast. So much going on, especially for something as low key and chill as this.


It seems I posted my last Goodnight, Metal Friend mix about a month ago, so that seems like a win, getting these out a little more regularly.

This was something I started doing as a form of utility – the Headspace sleep music was nice, but I wanted something darker. That sounds grim, but I don’t know, life is grim, so whatever.

I also wanted to learn how to “mix,” and what better way then by using tracks that are 10+ minutes in length?

These aren’t exciting, but that’s the point. I make them to help me fall asleep. Set them up on my phone or iPad when I lay down, and just let the gloom unfurl.

All tracks used were sourced and paid for on Bandcamp. If you enjoy these, you can tip me a coffee at Ko-Fi.


So this is very different than my previous beeps and boops. All those bouncy loops are still a part of my life, of course, but hey, humans are complex creatures, and over the past year and a half I’ve grown to love the utility of dark ambient and drone.

Oddly enough the search for this type of music spawned from the Headspace app. The sleep music is great, particularly “Warm Engines.” But I just wanted something a little “darker,” but not too scary. So I started putting together my own mixes under the name ‘Goodnight, Metal Friend.’

Now I’m starting to make my own under the name HUNTERTHEN, a vague reference to The Mandalorian TV series. If you know, you know.

This first release is meant for sleeping, or staring at the computer screen while you work, or maybe for walking through graveyards early in the morning. Please enjoy.