Tried to hit 30 total mixes by the end of the year, but just missed it. I love doing these, and will continue doing them into the new year. This weird thing I started doing as a little hobby during the start of the pandemic is the one thing that’s truly stayed with me from that time!

When I started using the Headspace app to fall asleep, I loved the Warm Engines clip. And, well, I love metal, but falling asleep to metal is very hard. Even some of the more doom – drone stuff includes DRUMS and shrieks and stuff, so that doesn’t work well for sleeping.

I didn’t really know it was a genre, but “dark ambient” was what I was looking for, and even then there are many variants of this sub-genre. Some is still pretty grating, with loud parts and and shrieks and other sudden bursts of sound.

So rather than build a playlist on on a streaming music service, I start sourcing (and purchasing) music from Bandcamp, and figured out how to “mix” songs together like a DJ, and I absolutely love it.

My online pal DJ Shotski start DJing polka music around the start of the pandemic, and now she DJs at festivals and events. Maybe I can DJ some planetarium or spooky art galleries some time! DREAM BIG.

To listen to more, you can find all my mixes on Mixcloud, or read all the Goodnight, Metal Friend posts here on my blog.