Starting doing “morning pages” since I finally started reading The Artist’s Way. In a short time I’ve already got ideas, or rather the universe has dropped some ideas in my lap and I’m already implementing one of those ideas pretty hardcore. I am excited for this and many things to come.

I’ll say this – I bought a disposable film camera for the first time in a million years. Oh, boy.

The whole idea here is this – as many of us contemplate “where to next?” in the whole social media world, I’m hopeful we just back back to visiting a few websites each day. I’ve already started looking at Flickr again for photography. Seeing the photos I want to see from the photographers I follow, without algorithms.

So yeah.. working on another idea that involves things we used to do and talking on the phone (well, Zoom, because seeing our friends faces is wonderful).

The thing that excites me about this is that it’s starting (or working) on something where it is.

Instead of doing some of the work, then spending a few hours a day marketing that work on various social media channels, it’s just.. the work.

Do the work.

Don’t worry about getting the word out. Make a great thing. Make a compelling product. Build the marketing into what you’re already doing. Are people sharing it and talking about it? No? Why not? Figure that out.

And then spend less time on social media.

And a year from now, we’re just working on our thing.