Fun interview with Rayne Fisher-Quann over at Substack:

Love the part at about the 15:30 mark, where Hamish McKenzie brings up blogs, and what a time that was.

And wow… it fucking was. I mean, I started a music blog in 2001, which was read by some people at AOL Music, which helped me get my foot in the door in 2006 when I got a three month contract gig.

That small bit there is WILD to think, and something I discount so much.

A few years later, in 2008, in the middle of the boom of Buzznet buying up music blogs where I was approached for “acquisition” (and said no), I was asked if I wanted to start a metal blog for AOL Music. That relationship and opportunity existed because of BLOGGING.

I had airfare and a hotel room for three nights in Oslo Norway because of blogging.
I shared one of those luxury boxes at a NBA game with people from Elle magazine because of my music blog.

These days I mostly update Google Sheets and build email campaigns, so a little less glamorous, but I think that’s why I love writing my HEAVY METAL EMAIL newsletter so much, because the ability to reach people via websites and email newsletters is still able to change lives.