Goodnight, Metal Friend #15

It’s been four months, but it’s been four months of stress, record temps, and moving, and that’s plenty okay.

I’m in a new place with sidewalks and iced-coffee in either direction, with proper studio space now, too. This new mix is the first product from this studio space, and I’m stoked with the results.

Track list:

sonnov, ‘Xiuchazh’ (2020) – 
TVS, ‘V/R’ (2021) – 
Killanova, ‘Spectrum Of All, Forever Spectacle (Eternity Blood ((Eternity Space))) V’ (2021) – 
Lilly, ‘архитектоника’ (2017) – 
Abysmal Growls Of Despair, ‘Conversation With Earth’ (2018) – 
Abul Mogard, ‘Staring At The Sweeps Of The Desert’ (2016) –

All music bought and paid for via Bandcamp. If you like these mixes, tips are appreciated.