Talk Dirty To Me

Music fans get band names as tattoos.
Then bands / artists get on social media, and woo you with sexy lines like, “OUR DIGITAL ALBUMS ARE 50% OFF THIS WEEKEND.”

Come on. You’re not selling MP3 files. You’re not selling records. You’re selling the soundtrack to a generation.

People FUCK and make babies to albums. To music. They listen to your track at the gym for inspiration. It’s the soundtrack to summer. Winter. Music is fucking LIFE.

Is that too lofty? Too grand?

Some kids follow bands on tours. Night after night. Some adults do it, too.

So as a band, with all those drops of blood, sweats and tears, miles on the road, sleeping on floors, working horrible jobs to afford an amp, and you’re pick up line is, “BE SURE TO FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY.”

I know not all messaging can be poetic and grand. Sometimes you have to formally announce something. 100% I get it.

But come on! Coke commercials are just selling sugar water. Your music has the ability to capture hearts, and it’s a lot more interesting than a soft drink.