Daily Loop #71

My run streak that I started in November 2020 ended at day 71. I though of stopping these Daily Loops today, but then realized that the two streaks are different, but also similar.

Ending a run streak doesn’t mean I stop running, I can always run tomorrow. But ending a Daily Loop streak means that maybe a certain beat doesn’t get made, or a riff doesn’t come to me.

What if today’s loop, or loop #45, or whatever – what if that was the one? The one bit of magic captured in time that leads to… something?

I like run streaks, but there’s no real revelation in the moment I guess. But for something like making music, that one day of pushing ahead and creating something can lead to something beautiful.

Not saying you have to make and produce a thing every single day to reach some sort of spiritual enlightenment that this silly post claims to conjure, just relaying my story. Your mileage may vary. Post a photo every week. Publish a poem on the weekends. I don’t know, make it up as you go.


“This is a PSA because the creative world is tearing itself apart. The panicked spread of misinformation and lack of nuance are deeper than crypto art, however. These are markers of untreated trauma,” Danielle Evans

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