On August 1, 2010 I will be leaving NYC. I moved here in October of 2004 from Stroudsburg, PA because my (now) ex-wife got accepted to Grad school. I had no grand hopes of ever moving to the “big city” but here we are. Almost six years later a lot has happened. I’m no longer married, I’m a few pounds lighter, I’ve worked a number of cool jobs and had some amazing NYC moments. I’m pretty sure the coming months will be just as amazing.

I’ve been reading a lot about this “minimalist thing” on the interwebs. Everett Bogue, who writes Far Beyond the Stars, has been a big inspiration. Whereas my reading habits in the past may have steered me towards Apple gossip, music news and productivity tips, I’m now deep into a world of “less is more.” I own clothes, a tooth brush, this laptop, an iPhone, a bike and a nice messenger bag. I’m not going to count everything I own, but it’s not much. I love it. Years ago I craved gadgets. I owned several pairs of shoes to cover several different activities. I had clothes I never worn but couldn’t bring myself to throw out. I owned musical instruments that I hadn’t touched in years. No more.

August inches closer and I’ll be preparing to ride to NJ on my bike to stay with my friend Amy. From there I will work as editor of a metal blog for AOL Music for eight hours a day, then with the remainder hours of daylight I shall explore, eat, laugh and explore some more. One month later, I will head west.