From Devon Ellington, via Substack:

“If you’re constantly reluctant to show up and do the work, maybe this isn’t really what you want and need to do. Maybe you need to explore other disciplines, and see what flares your creativity with a stronger passion.”

This was regarding writing, but like any good writing, it applies to more than just writing.

Some people just can’t get into running, which I understand – I’ve been running for seven years now, and that first mile still sucks.

But eventually I muscle (or shuffle) through, and by mile four I’m like, “I don’t ever want to stop running.”

And I can’t remember a week where I haven’t ran like, every other day.

Unless I’m injured and can’t run, I don’t know, I’ll always get in a run. It might not be pretty, it might not be three miles, but I’ll do that work.

Core work?

Replying to my bookkeeper?

Playing bass?

Yeah, I just can’t show and up do those things most days. Whatever.