Daily Loop #63

Today I chose day old coffee and putting my phone down to make this loop. This piece of video. This art. This isn’t to land a record deal, or get a billboard in Times Square. This is a signal to other weirdos out there (maybe you).

This is my resume in full display. I can make music. I can make videos. I can make social media assets. And I’m a bit weird.

These probably won’t get me making recruiter clips for HR departments, but hey, if you make music and need some video advice, hit me up. If you make videos and need some music, let’s talk.

Not as some formal big time collaboration thing… let’s talk. Shoot me an email, say hello.


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Daily Loop #62

Sometimes I think, wow… I could do so much more with these clips. Add some lyrics, another hook, make another part. But then I remember these are my daily journal entries. My morning meditation. Crack open my laptop, plug in my synth, and see what happens.

Between Super Bowl half-time performer and someone taking their first music lesson as a kid, there’s a lot of space in between, and the Super Bowl half-time show isn’t always the goal.


“There’s a massive burnout spike just around the corner as companies start to ask employees who’ve been barely holding it together through a year of a pandemic to start transitioning back to offices as if nothing has happened. Check in on your people and prepare accordingly,” @stewartsc


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Daily Loop #61

What’s this NFT thing all about? Do you need to get on Tik Tok? Should you pay to promote your Tweets?

Write a good song. Take a good photograph. Paint a nice picture.

Make something good and nice that warms your heart, and keep doing that. Make it a habit, like the 2 hours a day you stare at Instagram.

It’s temping to pick up the phone to see what’s going on. Check for likes. See who maybe commented on one of your posts.

And yes, you need breaks. Of course.

But you need to write a good song. At this point in your artistic career, you have a better shot at writing that great play, that great song, that great image than you do “being really good at socials.”

Because someday socials will disappear. Make damn sure you’ve been using this time to make better art.


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Daily Loop #60

Keep making, keep taking. Borrow, beg, and steal. Refine, reduce, I don’t know. Just make stuff. Throw up a warning flare to other weirdos that it’s okay to throw caution to the wind and let it fly. Break all the eggs, break all your legs, let it rip.

Moments of music making, and video making, keep my mind clear. Not full time, of course, but I look forward to the moments to let loose and make some weird shit.


“Fair to say that if someone sends me a link that starts with facebook dot com, I won’t be seeing it (and I’ll be surviving quite nicely),” @georgehahn

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On Our Own

I wrote ‘Everything is Cancelled‘ on March 14th, 2020. That’s when this long, tired, mentally exhausting and physically challenging crisis took over our lives. Over 500,000 Americans dead. We don’t go to movies anymore, or shows, or meet people for dinner. We didn’t really have Halloween or Christmas. Now it’s almost a year since this all started and I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

How many hugs did we lose this year? How many pleasant interactions with strangers did we miss out on? All the leisure activities that buffered our work life from our at-home life, those were wiped out. Hours, days, weeks of laughter, intrigue, new adventures. Stolen.

I remember last year doing a 5K run for five days. In April I tried running four miles every day (made it to 21 days or so). In November I started a run streak that lasted 70 days. Now I’ve posted nearly 60 music loops since the start of the new year.

In the end though, it’s just about surviving. Don’t catch COVID. That’s it. Don’t get sick, like so many others have.

It’s tiring. It’s defeating. Our government, our leaders, our communities have failed us in so many ways. It’s more than “wear a mask,” just as it’s more than “hey, remember to recycle.”

We’ve got money to bomb Syria, and riot gear when Black people protest.

But $15/hr wages? Oh, we can’t do that.

A “stimulus check?” What a joke.

Above all, that’s what has beaten me down the most. The friends, sure, going to shows.. yeah, but knowing so many “adults in charge,” leaders, all of ’em – it’s a let down.

We heard from lots of gov’t officials last fall! Lots of TV commercials, YouTube ads, direct mail. Now? Crickets.

We’re on our fucking own.