Sweetness is My Weakness

Got this in my inbox tonight, from Spring Energy:

Among all micronutrients, sugars seem to be the most harmful substances for our cells. The human race evolved for tens of thousands of years without significant sources of pure sugar in natural food. This could explain why our body, in general, doesn’t handle sugars very well. From the food intake regulation to metabolic responses, our body reacts to sugars as if they were unknown and causing dysregulation.  

Rafal Nazarewicz, founder of Spring Energy

“Highly concentrated sugar is a foreign substance for your body,” he says, “limit sugars to 15g per day!”

That got me thinking about the brownie I got at Starbucks the other day. I found the nutritional information and it’s got 37g of sugar. More than double what Rafal is suggesting, and that’s in one sitting!

I’m not black and white with this stuff, I just know that if I eat a brownie today, it makes it easier to eat a few cookies tomorrow, and maybe a handful (or a bag) of peanut M&M’s the next. For me it’s a slippery slope, but I don’t torture myself. All this running and biking and stretching – I don’t subscribe to the “you gotta earn your dessert” bullshit, but I also don’t deny myself the occasional cravings. Just not everyday for me.