This video is nine years old and I still look it up on occasion. The visuals boil my eyeballs, and that little half-time “break down” at the end is so good.

Talked with a friend tonight about another ending to Ghost’s ‘Rats.’ He told me he’s never heard anyone get excited about an ending before. It’s the banging intro, the flashy solo, right?

For me, though, with some music, I love the slow build up. When you watch ‘The Big Lebowski’ you don’t skip to the good parts, right? Heck no. You sit. You wait. You take it all in.

This song by OHHMS is 18 minutes long. But it takes the journey, the first 11 or so minutes, to really get to the pay off.

You need to wait through the first 5:40 of Cult of Luna’s ‘Echoes’ for that riff to drop.

How about we go back to 1992? White Zombie’s ‘Black Sunshine’ is a straight ahead rocker, but then at the 3:30ish mark is goes half-time and that riff just gets sweeter.

Sometimes it’s the long game. Giving things time to come together, whirl around, and then with a grand payoff at the end. In the case of White Zombie, that song has been a part of my make-up for 26 years.