I think a lot about nostalgia, especially around the holidays. We grow up, and suddenly everything feels less magical. As adults we know too much, the magic is gone. Black Friday shopping, credit card bills, traffic… good luck fitting in any Christmas magic, I guess.

When we were young the magic happened around us, and we just walked into it. My parents loaded me in the car, and we went and bought a Christmas tree. We went shopping during the holidays. I pointed out the video games I wanted. I still knew my parents bought me these things (SPOILER ALERT), but it was still magical.

Now the only magic is the magic we create. I hung Christmas lights around my two windows, and I have them on all day and night. I love them.

My housemate and I bought some Christmas lights and hung them on our back porch last night. We were outside, with thumbtacks and zip ties, messing up, re-doing it, and finally, boom… we have lights on our porch now.

We’ll buy a tiny tree, and put some ornaments on it.

It’s the October, November, December months that I always look forward to, and they always seem to disappoint, but that’s like looking at the the music that “kids these days” like, and saying everything was better when I was a kid.

Not sure the answer, but I know no one is gonna show up and make it magical again. That’s on all of us.