Produce on Socials, Archive and Elaborate on Your Site

“Nobody uses websites anymore,” says everybody who reads news, interviews, and reviews on websites. And buy tickets on websites. Watch videos on websites. Buy albums on websites.

Give people a reason to go to your website.

No one goes to your site?

Probably because there’s nothing on it but music player embeds and old tour dates. Thrilling stuff!

As a photographer, artist, musician, producer – you could be filling your site with thoughts, ideas, behind the scenes, stories (you have so many stories).

Tease all this on socials, then include a link to read the full thing (just like every media outlet does).

Here I wrote about the band that changed my life. I could have just wrote a quick tweet about that, or an IG story… then it’d be gone in 12 seconds. But it’s on my site, waiting to be read. Like a book to be checked out at the library.

No, it’s not going to get 10,000 views. But maybe someone who shares the same story will email me about it. That’d be cool.

I’ve gone back through some of my “twitter rants” and turned them into blog posts. Like this one: Most People Haven’t Heard Your Album. I even took some time and made a video to go with it. And elaborated on some of the things I Tweeted.

We’ve all got YEARS of things we said that could easily be turned into blog posts.

Top albums. Fave shows. Funny stories. Wild adventures.

Stop giving all of that to social media, and building value for mega corps. Put it on your own site and link to it, over and over.

Use social media as the billboard, and get people to your site.