So Many Changes

It was today, three weeks ago, when my friend and client agreed that cancelling our work meet up – in downtown Manhattan – was probably a good idea.

Sure, less than two weeks earlier (Feb 28) near Seattle someone died from the Corona Virus, but that was just one person, right?

But we saw the headlines, and how things were unraveling overseas.

To think that the night of March 11th, when two NBA games were postponed because a player tested positive for the virus, was when the shit really hit the fan.

Tomorrow it’ll be three weeks. In those three weeks I’ve left the house for supplies maybe five times. My usual afternoon trips to Starbucks, to break up the monotony of working from home, are no longer. My trips to visit friends on the weekend for group runs don’t happen anymore. I’d usually meet a good friend for pizza on Friday nights in Philadelphia, and now that doesn’t happen. It can’t!

Can I go another month or two or three like this? Well, there’s no other choice, really. It’s just one day after the next, until things change.