Name Your Thing

One thing that worked for me over the years was jamming two words together; Buzz Grinder, Noise Creep, Skull Toaster, Close Mondays.

Any name you dream up is void of a brand, it’s up to you to fill it with every ounce of creativity and awesomeness. Not just the logo and the site design, but how you reply to emails, and handle yourself around other people.

Wireless Ear Buds

It’s 2019, and I hate cords. No matter what, they’re always getting tangled, snagged, or in the way. Sure, they always work, and never need recharging, but wow, the reviews of the AirPods Pro are great.

I forget where I read this, but someone was saying how this is ushering in an audio augmented-reality. Instead of wearing weird glasses that display images and such, the voice-controlled nature of Siri, especially when you’re out and about, is really something to think about.

Rattle It Out

A few friends inspired me to start running. Years later, I hired a nutritionist. Soon that person will probably be my strength coach.

I’ve been a freelancer since 2006. Years later, it’s just me. But that’s changing, too. Since signing up for Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course, a flood of changes have come in, washing away a lot of my old thinking.

Sometimes no matter how many books we read, or inspiring articles, or watching amazing videos, sometimes it’s the conversations with other people that we don’t even know that rattle out the breakthroughs.

We Can Work With This

Met up with an old friend for lunch recently. We met via our faith, more or less, something we’ve since walked away from. We’ve been through some low points and – at least for now – we’re seeing some good stuff.

The bad times don’t last forever, and dammit, we just enjoy the good stuff when it’s front of us.

“And hey, is everything perfect right now? Nope.”

So much isn’t perfect, but we can work with it. And that’s what we’ll keep doing.